Chapter 2.2

Two-dimensional Random Variables

(c) Tobias Hossfeld (Aug 2021)

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Tran-Gia, P. & Hossfeld, T. (2021). Performance Modeling and Analysis of Communication Networks - A Lecture Note. Würzburg University Press.

Penalty shootout We are looking at a penalty shootout between two teams: FC Bayern München and VFL Bochum. Every team has to shoot five penalties. FCB scores with a probability of 95%, while VFL scores with a probability of 85%. What is the joint probability that FCB scores $i$-times and VFL scores $j$-times. What is the probability that VFL scores more often than FCB?

Joint Probability Mass Function (PMF)

We are considering the joint probability mass function $P(X_1=i,X_2=j)$ that FC Bayern scores $i$ goals and VFL scores $j$ goals. The probabilities are independent of each other.

$ P(X_1=i,X_2=j) = P(X_1=i)\cdot P(X_2=j) $

What is the probability that VFL Bochum wins: $P(X_1>X_2)$?